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We Create PREMIUM Baked Goods that Differentiate Your Products and Improve Operations

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Sweetmore Bakeries creates delicious, high-quality baked goods for every kind of sweet tooth. Whether something off-the-shelf or customized to your unique recipe and operational needs, we can help with all your baked goods needs.

  • Biscotti, Brownies, Cookies, Danish, Dessert Bars, Granola, Icings, Muffins, and more!

  • Thaw & Serve, Pre-Deposits, Scoop & Bake, Shelf-Stable

  • Retail-Ready, Bulk, Individually Wrapped

  • Private Label, Branded, and Custom

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Main Street Gourmet

Main Street Gourmet is a leading provider of custom muffins, cookies, brownies, dessert bars, granola, icings, fillings, and other dessert products. We take pride in being adaptive, nimble, and creative to provide our customers with products that enable them to set themselves apart.

Biscotti Brothers

Biscotti Brothers crafts traditional Italian cookies – Biscotti, Biscottini, Granotti, and Pizzelle – using the freshest natural ingredients and baking in small batches for artisanal quality.

Meurer Brothers

Built on nearly 100 years of family tradition and expertise, Meurer Brothers Bakery provides authentic Danish pastries, traditional coffee cakes, and classic shortbread turtle cookies. Produced in the same style and using made-from-scratch fillings, the quality, taste, and value are as great as ever.

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