Food Safety/QA Manager

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We are looking for a Food Safety/QA Manager who can coordinate, manage and document food safety and defense programs This person is responsible for auditing, implementation, monitoring, verification, reviewing and developing of the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management systems. This role entails for someone to partner with cross-functional teams to ensure employee and product/quality safety to the highest standard.

What you'll do


- Create and maintain food safety & defense programs, records, and manuals.

- Conduct risks analyses and establish monitoring, verification, and corrective activities and records.

- Review/verify and file all food safety documents daily.


- Investigate and document food safety and defense issues.

- Conduct Management Review meetings monthly.

- Review all programs and Food Safety Plan as needed or at least annually against SQF code.

- Conduct facility and GMP inspections as needed or at least quarterly.

- Schedule SQF audit, Kosher Inspections, and other customer required audits.

- Establish and maintain RSPO certification.

- Escort auditors and inspectors. Keep notes/records of audits and inspections


- Conduct calibration of measuring equipment.

- Set up metal detector presets for new items.

- Schedule and maintain required inspections of Metal Detectors.

- Schedule required Scale inspections.

- Maintain certified reference measuring devices.


- Purchase sampling and testing equipment per SQF/Customer requirements.

- Collect and review production samples.

- Create and maintain daily sensory testing program.

- Conduct sanitation and environmental sampling and testing.

- Conduct Post Allergen Cleaning Validation Studies (swabbing, product testing, report).

- Work directly with lab on establishing testing plans.


- Purchase sanitation chemicals and janitorial supplies as needed.

- Maintain SDS manuals and plant sanitation signage.

- Oversee and validate plant sanitation, waste control, GMPs, and pest control.

- Review sanitation, pest, and waste records.

- Train Sanitation Staff in coordination with Maintenance Staff as needed. Retrain Sanitation Staff as needed.


- Create and maintain quality control procedures, documents, records, and manuals.

- Validate internal and customer product specifications and identity preservation.

- Conduct Product Shelf-Life Validation Studies (sensory, chemical, micro.)

- Conduct quality system audits (quality, social compliance, kosher, RSPO).

- Train new staff on quality policies and topics outlined in programs.

- Develop/Review/Verify all Spec Sheets and product labels for accuracy.

- Maintain private label customer QA documents and maintain their online QA portals.

- Establish and maintain daily Q/C checkpoints throughout the production processes.


- Maintain training program, documents, record, and manuals.

- Train new staff on food safety topics outlined in the training program.

- Oversee the Supervisors are training staff and maintaining production training records.

- Retrain staff on food safety and quality topics at least annually or as needed.


- Investigate complaints and determine corrective actions.

- Maintain complaint records and conduct trend analyses


- Maintain employee safety programs, records, and manual.

- Investigate injuries and work with HR on WC incidents. Verify body fluids are adequately cleaned up.

- Train new staff on employee safety policies and topics outlined in program.

- Conduct in-house safety trainings and schedule certification trainings at recommended intervals.

- Maintain first aid kits and eye wash stations.

- Conduct monthly safety committee meetings.

- Verify safety equipment inspection records.

- Conduct fire drills with maintenance.

- Conduct Social Compliance customer audits


- Coordinate and complete Sample Requests for Sales Staff.

- Select, pack, record lot codes and send via FedEx.

- Purchase and maintain inventory of sample shipping materials


- Verify compliance for all vendors (ingredients, packaging, contractors) per SQF requirements.

- Maintain current supplier documents and registers per SQF requirements.


- Safety equipment inspections and services.

- Reporting injuries to workman’s compensation for HR.

- Cross-trained as production staff (i.e. packing staff, laminating, icing and oven operator).

- Facility sanitation and minor maintenance skills.

- Answer phones and direct calls as needed.

- Replenish paper towels, soap, and sanitizer if stock room or dispensers are out.

What we're looking for

- Spanish Bi-lingual

- HACCP Certified

- SQF Certified

- PCQI Certified

- Workplace Safety Committee Certified

- Forklift Operator Certified

- Fire Extinguisher Operator Certified

- CPR & First Aid Certified

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